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GD-The Boroline People

G.D Pharmaceuticals, better known as 'The Boroline People' is a research driven organization where the consumers' interests and the consumers' views come First.

We take pride in developing and offering products that help in taking care of your family's well being.

We are the makers of Boroline cream, Suthol Antiseptic Skin Liquid, Eleen light hair oil and Glosoft Facewash.

Our Approach towards our work, our Products, our Customers and the Society in general is guided by our 'Prayer'--

Where Mind is without fear
And Head is held high
Where knowledge is boundless;
Where the world is not fragmented
By narrow dividing walls;
Where words emerge from the depth of truth
Where tireless efforts spread in every direction
In search of perfection
Where the sparkling stream of reason
Has not lost itself in the
Parched desert of doctrines;
Where courage stands unbroken;
Where Thou form the source of every
Thought and Action;
Into that heaven, O' Father
Shake Us Awake.

-Geetanjali, Gurudev Rabindra Nath Tagore.
I am using this wonder cream for about two weeks from now and i must say that it works wonders. I had redness on my face due to excess exposure to AC in my office. After using BOROLINE, the redness has been faded lightly and i hope that on constant usage my face will become normal. I must say that instead of spending your money to costly creams and medicines this SMALL WONDER is enough for majority of your skin problems. Also the Customer Care team is just amazing. Quality service which is rare to find now. --- G M Faheem Ahmed, Bangalore.
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