GD Pharmaceuticals is the happy outcome of the heady nationalistic wave that had engulfed all Indians during the pre-independence era. Its founder, Gourmohon Dutta, belonged to the rich merchant class of Calcutta.

A practical patriot, he was convinced that the best way to help India was to contribute to her economic self-sufficiency. To actively do this, he decided to manufacture product of a quality equivalent to their foreign counterparts.

It was a daunting task. Many dissuaded him against this venture. But Gourmohon Dutta followed his heart. With a glorious dream of free and self-sufficient India in his heart, he started manufacturing medicines. One of them would be the legendary green tube-Boroline. It had a humble beginning in his house in 1929. The celebrated journey had begun.



GD has two production units. One in Chakbagi, West Bengal, 16 kms from Kolkata. It has existing floor area of 48000 sq. ft on a 20 acre plot.

The other unit is in Mohun Nagar Industrial area, Gaziabad, 5 kms from Delhi, measuring about 8000 sq. ft.

Both factories comply with GMP norms. They have required licence from Drug Control Authorities, Factories Control, Labour Department, Pollution Control Board and all other relevant Government bodies.

The production unit use fully automated machinery with minimum involvement of manpower to ensure reproducible quality. Every process in monitored by strict SOPs. Each step is documented and monitored by pre-assigned trained personal. Systems are in place to track each batch of starting material to the ultimate distribution point.

Logistic, Distribution and Marketing

GD has established logistics, distribution and marketing infrastructure with associates who have been working together for more than 30 years. It has existing offices and ware housing facilities in 16 regional headquarters across India. A list of tested and reliable transporters carry on supplies which are meticulously insured.

The Company specialized in Over The Counter (OTC) Pharmaceutical products and Healthcare Cosmetics, catering the vast Indian market through over 650 distribution channels situated throughout the country.

The vast and scattered infrastructural elements are supported and monitored by a team of 90 trained, experienced and dedicated professionals. The Compant actively promotes using technology whenever it adds to increase in efficiency and productivity. The corporate office has a floor space of 14500 sq. ft, having its own conference and training apart from well spaced work areas.

Social Responsibility

The company ensures that packing materials used for its products is recyclable. In the factory, near Kolkata, special plantation projects contribute as a part of �Save Trees� campaign.

A large water reservoir of 6000 sq. m. is maintained to provide balanced eco system, bio-degrading all pre-treated effluents.

From across India, numerous economically under-privileged, terminally ill patients and children requiring heart surgery have applied and received finalcial assistance for treatment from the company.

Goodwill - Our Greatest Asset

Through every thought and action the company tries its best to enhance goodwill amongst its customers, business associates, the governing authorities, various groups and trade associations and every individual who the company comes in contact with.


Boroline, the flagship brand, has been selected as an Indian Superbrand continuously since 2003

We are proud that our name evokes trust.

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