Let us light a candle together... the candle of hope and faith.
Suthol Pathikrit Samman, a special initiative by The Boroline People.
Celebration of 'Good' in the Society

Our journey began more than 85 years ago, when Gour Mohan Dutta an importer of foreign goods decided to join the Swadeshi Movement. He started manufacturing products to compete with foreign ones, in his own house... Boroline was born. On 15th August 1947, Calcutta newspapers carried an advertisement - Boroline will be distributed free to celebrate India's Independence.

Boroline 1947 Advertisement
Boroline 1947 Advertisement
Amritbazar Patrika

Today to over three generations of Indian consumers, Boroline is not only one of India's Superbrands, but has evolved as a caring and trusted member of the family. We are happy that Suthol is now loved equally.

Superbrand Suthol
Suthol Bottle

Every step "Boroline People" takes, every product it makes, is guided by our efforts to contribute positively to the Society.

Suthol Pathikrit Samman is an extension of this same outlook.

Suthol Pathikrit Logo

There is much Good in Our Society - the time to spread this message has come.

You and we, as individuals and groups form our Society. Whatever we do affects the Society at large. And the Society in turn affects our well being. In a healthy Society we prosper. When the Society suffers, we cannot escape suffering.

With the increasing reports of gruesome acts of greed and violence, it seems that the Society we live in today is sinking into the depths of darkness and there is nothing much that can be done.

But it is our belief that such is not the case. We have amongst us men and women who are silently working to help others, make the society a better place. The more we know about them the more inspired we shall be to follow their path and the more confident will we become that in our personal capacities it is possible to contribute towards a healthy Society.

Our Society can be filled with light and hope if each of us stop focusing on acts of darkness and instead light small lamps by our personal acts of love, hope and faith.

We are here today to honour the men and women who, with their spirit of leadership, empathy and dedication, have lit the lamps in the hearts of thousands whose lives they have touched.

They have excelled in their chosen professions and proved to us that within the daily course of our existence, it is possible to work towards making the Society more humane.

We are grateful to them for showing us the way.

They are our Suthol Pathikrits.

Suthol Pathikrit Song

Anindya Chatterjee
Joy Sarkar
Lopamudra Mitra
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